Thursday, February 26, 2009

I couldn't resist

I was over at Krystie's blog yesterday and spied this little game from FaceBook. Her results were hysterical so I had to give it a try. It's good for a laugh! Here's what you do:

Google your name and the word needs in quotes like this "Danielle Needs" and view your results. I only picked the funniest...but I didn't click on any of the sites, you never know what they really are!!

Danielle Needs more self respect when it comes to the boys she chooses (well, that may have been true before my wonderful hubby ;))

Danielle Needs a drummer (I don't think wonderful hubby would agree)

Danielle Needs a rest after partying so hard (the mac & cheese does fly at my house!)

Danielle Needs some hygenic advice (well, it's from partying so hard, ya know?)

Danielle Needs a reality check (reality is so last year...)

Danielle Needs a nice sexy boy (only if he comes with the pool, then hubby might let me keep him:))

Danielle Needs to be re-evaluated (this comes after the drummer, the sexy boy, bad hygiene, and partying...maybe it should have been first!)

Hope you had a laugh! Let's see what YOU know you want to ;)


Lauri said...

oh I have to try this! thanks! very funny!

Bonnie (eggette) said...

That is funny! I am going to try this right now.......mainly because my stamping room is a friggin' mess and I am avoiding cleaning it up!!

Krystie Lee said...

I saw that you had new posts on my google reader and I thought..I haven't commented on her blog in a long time, I'll comment today, then I saw my name! Funny!

Your results are hilarious!

Rose Ann said...

Too funny, Danielle!

noble pig said...

Mine said I needed a feather...hmmmm, the possibilities.

Carol Dee said...

I gave this a try.. guess I need, prayers, teapots, redemtion, more bust(s){AMEN sister!!!} pacemaker, and new knees. Yikes, I am in worse shape than I thought. Thanks for the giggles.