Thursday, July 31, 2008

I received an award!

I received this wonderful award yesterday from Lauri-check out her blog Paperville! Thanks so much Lauri that was really nice of you! So the rules are that I have to select 7 bloggers to receive this award from me. It's really hard to only choose 7 - but here it goes:


Thanks ladies for all of your inspiration, support, and encouragement!


Lauri said...

You are very welcome!!! It is so deserved! I love checking your blog for creations!

peanutbee said...

CONGRATS on the award, you deserve it...your cards are amazing.

...and thank you for including me in your list!! I'm honored. :)

broni (waterchild12) said...

Oh how cool, Danielle! Thank you so much! You rock!!!

Tori Wild said...

Congrats Danielle-- and thanks for being the first comment on my new blog! I was so excited. I love your blog and we share a similar interest in whipper and CC Designs Stamps. I'll keep checking back!

Julia Aston said...

Thanks Danielle for the honor of giving me this award! I just love checking out your blog to see what fun little cards you have come up with!!