Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sharing my garden

Spring is so amazing.  It’s like the earth is waking from a long sleep, slowly, and everyday there is more to see.  Another tree flowering, another bloom opening, another seedling peeking out from the soil.  It surprises me how I can see the changes between morning, afternoon, and evening in my vegetable garden.  It’s so exciting to see one bean seedling break the surface in the morning and just hours later there are three! 

Yesterday was finally a nice day here on Long Island.  I decided to take some time for myself in the afternoon between chores and walk around the garden taking pictures.  My only regret is missing the lilacs.  They were in full bloom last week and I was so busy and there was so much rain I they just seemed to fade away…  They are one of my very favorite flowers and the smell is gone way too soon, sigh.

Anyway, I just felt like sharing some of my flowers and when it’s winter I can look back and remember that it will be alive once again.

These are a really pretty shade of apricot Azalea’s.  They are not the common variety, but I can’t remember what kind they are.


This orange begonia almost glows…it’s stunning!


Some bleeding hearts


My chives in a big pot on my patio.  They come back every year, fuller and with more flowers.   Not only are they pretty, but pretty tasty too! 


This is a Josephine Clematis.  I ordered it from a catalog. I remembered once someone telling me they were very hard to come by, so when I saw it I bought it.  I really wasn’t sure it would even live…I mean a mail order plant?  But it’s thriving for three years now.  It’s not quite open yet.   The center is really full, almost fluffy looking.  I will have to take more pictures at the next stage.


This is an Azalea beside my porch.  It was there from the pervious homeowner.  I have to admit that I never really liked Azalea’s and there was one next to this one that we removed to make room for my Hydrangeas (I’m a collector…lookout!)  I’ve found that over the years I am quite fond of this bush and I think it’s gorgeous in full bloom.   Glad we left that one.


This is one of my more than half dozen clematis vines, Nelly Moser.  This is one of my largest and it’s climbing up the backside of my porch.  It just began blooming yesterday.


I have a large cedar tree next to my driveway with nothing but shade below it.  There are Lily of the Valley growing under it that were there from the previous homeowner.  I also have three different variety of ferns that grow all over the yard.  One I have been pulling out and sharing will all of the neighbors.  I don’t know what it is, but it is prolific, spreading everywhere.  I can’t control that one.   Need ferns?


This was fun, kinda like a journal…a record of my garden.  I’ll have to keep doing this as the season progresses and track what’s blooming when.  I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!


Xushenka said...

You have a beautiful garden :)

Carol Dee said...

Ohhh I love seeing your garden. Thanks for sharing. No I do not need fern. I just dug fern and lily of the valley to share. (It will not behave and stay in its bed.) :) Spring here was slow to come but we are going to be seeing more color very soon. Lilacs are now in bloom as well as the lily of the valley and bleeding heart. Oops almost forgot the columbine, too.) So wish I could get a clemitis to grow. It could be my yard or just me. :( Have a wonderful and peaceful Sunday. Hugs...

Kelly Schelske said...

Oh my gosh your flowers are gorgeous Danielle! Thanks for sharing these wonderful picts!

LeAnne said...

These are gorgeous! My bleeding hearts are long since gone, so are the azaleas and lilies of the valley! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Laura Pryor said...

Wow! I love that giant begonia! It's gorgeous and I absolutely love Bleeding Hearts. They remind me of Keith's nana. In fact, I'm having my mother-in-law prepare a cutting of Nana's Bleeding Hearts so I can put them in my yard!

Sewflake said...

I couldn't help but say Oh in a wistful tone as I read and looked at the flowers flourishing in your yard. I do so miss lilacs and the smell of the Lily of the Valley are just as powerful, we get none of those in the south..........big sigh!
Thank you for sharing and it puts me in the mood to take pictures of the flowers we have left in bloom and make a scrapbook page.

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, yes! Love the flower photos! As you know, the garden is where my heart is this time of year and it's so fun to see what you've got blooming on the other side of the country. You took out azaleas, I planted more. Easy and reliable. Love the color of yours. I'm facing quite a challenge in the garden this year, but loving every minute of it. Please share more photos and stories when you can!