Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fun Stuff

Good morning! It’s lightly raining and has been above freezing the last 3 days so the snow has slowly been diminishing so it’s a good morning for me for sure!

We celebrated my 5 year olds birthday the end of January and I tried my hand at Cake Pops. I followed the design recipe from Cake Pops by Bakerella. So many fun ideas! I made these pirate Cake Pops to hand out as favors to his little guests.


I should have taken the picture before I wrapped them since I got hot spots where the light reflected off the plastic, but you get the gist of them. I used edible markers from Wilton that I picked up in Michaels to draw on their faces. They stink! Even following directions and wiping the tip after each use the stupid pen wouldn’t write at all after the first 6 or so. When you look at them up close you can see what difficulty I had coloring. Stupid pen. I am going to have to research edible markers and see what will work better.

In any case, they tasted delish!

I happened to have my camera handy when I noticed Rosie taking a nap. Has she got the life or what?


This position cracks me up! The funniest is when she wakes up and the hair on her head is plastered on one side and sticking up on the other! She gets static to in the winter and she gets very fluffy! Too cute!

Lastly I am going to take down the Cbox. It isn’t used that much and the spam is daily now. It’s so annoying. It amazes me that there is such scum out there that trolls the web and posts fishing messages on every piece of communication that they can. I am tired of seeing it. My email address is posted under my profile so you can always reach me that way.

Tomorrow is the first sneak peek for February Flourishes. You don’t want to miss it! I won’t have a Color Throwdown post but you can see my card on the Color Throwdown blog.

See ya tomorrow!


Laura Pryor said...

These are AMAZING!! They look incredibly professional! What a great idea!!!

Carol Dee said...

How cute are those cake pops! They look like a lot of work. Rosie has the right idea, I am all about a nap some days. :) I will be back tomorrow, love seeing the new sets they are ALWAYS fabulous, hugs....

Gabriela said...

Ahoy Matey! Your pirate cake pops are beautiful! I just wanted to echo your sentiment abou the stinkin Wilton edible ink pens. They stink! as in they don't work. I made the yellow chick pops on January 2nd and my daughter and I decorated them. What a royal pain it was to get the black ink to flow.

Linda Monroe said...

These pirate cake pops are adorable. You'd never know you had such a hard time with that pen. I also love your doggie. My puppy (now 2 1/2) sleeps like this all the time. He cracks me up. Enjoy.

LeAnne said...

Well, your cake pops look fine to me, matey! Bakerella makes it looks so easy, too! And what a cute pup! Someone else was also posting on their blog about their dog's bed head!!!

Michele Boyer said...

Hee, hee, hee. What a cute pic of the pup!

Those cake pops rock, Danielle!! They look awesome!!! I know how it feels when you make something like that and it doesn't look exactly as you had hoped, but seriously, they look INCREDIBLE!

Broni said...

Too, too cute! The pops and the pup!!

Tammi said...

Both sooo cute!! Love the pirates, fun!