Monday, December 21, 2009

It never ceases to amaze me....

The inhumanity and total disrespect for human decency. The greed for money and makes me sick. I read this post on (warning, explicit language) which is a letter from the owner of Paradou, a restaurant in New York City, to his employees. Today, on the same site I am seeing responses from the owner to the media and others who sent him threating emails and it's even worse than the first. I just want to make sure that none of my readers ever patronize this restaurant...and if there is anything I can do to help put it out of business I will surely jump on that band wagon!

Here is the article I read today written about the incident. Vulgarity removed...I want to remain a PG site!

Owner of trendy Manhattan restaurant Paradou plumbs new depths of evil bad-bossitudeVadim Ponorovsky, the owner of the restaurant Paradou in trendy Park Slope Manhattan's meat-packing district, sent his employees an email in which he called them "lazy motherf******" because they failed to extract enough email addresses from their customers (he has a spam list and he makes it his servers' duty to get email addresses out of diners). Ponorovsky went on to call his employees "f****** lazy disrespectful a*******," "f****** children," and said, "Effective immediately, any server or host who fails to collect at least 20 emails per week, will be fined $100. Anyone failing to collect at least 20 emails for two weeks in a month will be fired immediately. No matter what. No matter who you are." He also threatened to fire his entire staff, saying, "I have absolutely no respect for any of you," and "Go find another place to work."
And now, he's sent along a followup to the trade press, saying that this is just the way he talks, that "if you talked to anyone who ever worked for me, I could say without any sense of self-aggrandizement that they'd say I was the best boss they've worked for." In support of this he cites the fact that he's never missed payroll (e.g., he pays his employees the wages they earn), that he lets them work for him again after their vacations, and that they get to eat for free at the restaurant where they work.
He also declares himself to be a Reaganite and villifies anyone who disagrees with his treatment of his employees, who can only become wealthy if he gets rich first, through the magic of "trickle-down."
"If my staff has the ability for self-reflection and seeing the big picture, they should ask, 'Why would one of us f*** the rest of us so badly by damaging our ability to make money?" Ponorvosky says. "The first casualties of this will be the people who all of these protesters are 'defending.' No thought is given to 'the trickle-down,' to use Ronald Reagan's favorite expression." As for the people who are vowing to shut Paradou down, Ponorvsky says, "These people have no sense of rightness or goodness."

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Carol Dee said...

YIKES,I would quite working there after that e-mail. Certainly won't set foot in the door if I ever make it to New York either. He deserves to be put out of business.

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Bonnie said...

Yes it's bad - there are dumbo people out there for sure.....but you are not one of them - take deep breaths and step away from the newspapers for awhile.....he will get his in the end - could be sooner than later of course with an attitude like that lol!