Monday, March 23, 2009

A tag and some awards

Broni tagged me to pull my 6th picture. Goes like this: The tag is to open the My Pictures folder on your computer, open the 6th folder and then post the 6th photo. I was tagged once before so this time I counted the 6th folder from the bottom so I wouldn't get the same photo.

I joked with Anna about her picture being so gorgeous and mine was probably an overexposed photo of my cat...and voila! I was able to adjust the exposure but sure's my cat, Afton. She really has the most gorgeous green eyes. Doesn't she look scary here? And this was when she still had all her teeth! Ha, she weighs all of 7 pounds and is really the sweetest mushiest kitty ever. This was when we first moved into our old house and the walls nor that cast iron radiator were painted yet. She's obviously lounging in her very stylish leopard bed.

I have received a few awards and I want to acknowledge the givers! Without further ado...

I received this award today from Jenn-how sweet!

And this one from Shirley!

Thank you!!!!


Chris Parker-Barnes said...

I came across you blog and beautiful work through the Color Throwdown site, and just had to leave you a comment about the picture of your cat. I have a cat called Catey who looks exactly the same, they must be twins! :)

Chris (Canberra, Australia)

Rose Ann said...

Congrats on your awards, Danielle!! That is a sweet picture of your kitty too!!

LeAnne said...

LOVE the kitty--doesn't she look like Queen of the Castle!
Fun awards, too!

Candy said...

Cute Kitty!!

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous kitty you have and I LOVE her bed, and very pretty eyes!