Friday, March 13, 2009

So frustrating!

Okay, I had posted a long time ago how frustrating it is that some pictures posted you can click on and see and larger view and some you can't. I thought that I was sizing them incorrectly...and gave a full explanation on how to do it right, LOL!

Anyway, especially with today's card, you cannot see it larger to appreciate the details, but at the same time you can't see it larger to recognize the flaws either! I started searching Blogger Help for answers, which I might add is not an easy task, but I finally found the reason why and how to correct it.

For Blogger users, when you upload a picture using the Add Image button it always places the picture at the top of the post. Then you can click and drag the picture to where ever you'd like it in your post, if that's not where you wanted it, and that's where the mayhem ensues! When you drag the picture you break the link that is automatically created that allows to you to click for a larger view when the post is published. Here is the link (and I pasted the instructions below) to the information I found in Blogger. Then look below as I go on to explain further.

From blogger:
When pictures are uploaded to Blogger Posts they land up at the top of the post editor. After that to place them wherever you want in the post you can drag and drop them in Compose Mode. This sometimes breaks the picture code so better you should switch to Edit Html tab in Post Editor and select the whole code for the picture at the top and then do a Cut and Paste operation to wherever you want it in the post.

The code generated when a picture is uploaded to Blogger is made up of two parts :

A. The code for the picture itself and

B. The code for the enlarged copy it is linked to. This code for the link surrounds the code in A.
A simple method to extract the link of your picture is to upload your picture to a post and publish it. Then view that post in a browser. Click on the picture and a browser window will open with that picture in it. Copy the picture link from the address bar of that browser window.

So in the previous post, in Compose mode, I typed the first paragraph, left a space, then typed the last lines. Then I added a picture of my boys (aren't they cute when they wake up? Yeah, then mayhem ensues yet again!). I then clicked on the tab "Edit Html" and copied and cut the html code and then pasted it between my writing. I then clicked on the "Compose" tab to make sure it was where I wanted it. Voila! Blogger suggests their "simple method" above, but I think this is easier. When you are looking at the html tab just copy, cut, and paste the html's easy to recognize from what you typed and since you stay in the same screen it's quick and easy in my opinion.

I wanted to share this because I am sure I am not the only one who experiences this and it wasn't easy to find the answer. Then again, I might be the only person who didn't know or experienced this and you are all saying, well "duh".

If anyone has any questions I will try my best to answer...but I am far from any kind of computer techno savvy userer...ok?

Oh, and go ahead and click on the boys...I promise they get larger! IRL too! Yikes!


The Lucky Clucker said...

You lost me after "Edit html" I get a little (alot) freaked out at those words......but I know that there are those that will appreciate this immensely! I always wondered why sometimes you can and sometimes you can't enlarge....great tips!

Cheri Howard said...

LOL - I share your frustration!

I'm not even able to drag and drop in most posts unless I choose "none" for the picture's alignment - and the code does break when I upload two photos at the same time, then move one next to the other with drag n drop.

I just gave up and started editing html everytime - it's way easier.

Lauri said...

haha! here I was over thinking your post! yes..that does frustrate me...a lot about formatting blogger posts frustrates me! thanks@!

Kelly Schelske said...

Oh I am so with you on this Danielle! Thank you for lloking into it and finding a solutoion, I will definitely give it a whirl next upload:-)

Have a super weekend,

Ila said...

I used to find this I just upload my cards or photos first....and add the text later....and in between the photos.....but I'm going to try this too.....Hugs, Ila

LeAnne said...

Girl, you are a GENIOUS! I stopped using blogger (I use Live Writer now) because I COULD NOT STAND how blogger did the photos. I think I have your directions straight in my head, so maybe I will try it out in blogger when I have a free 5 (50) minutes--LOL! BTW, your boys are the cutest--I just wanna give them a big hug! Love the doggie pj's too! CUTE!

Carol Dee said...

YIKES, no wonder I haven't tried to set upa blog page...this is ALL greek to me!
Glad you figured it out. "CauseI am loving your page.

Juliana said...

Hey Danielle,
Blogger used to make me so frustrated that I wanted to cuss each time I posted. I was ready to give up blogging.

Then I found Windows Live Writer. It took a post or two to learn--but it was SO worth it in the end.

Curt in Carmel said...

I have never had this problem with blogger! I wonder if it is because when I drag the pic from the top to where I want it, I then click on the pic and make it a little bigger by dragging the handles. I wonder if this automatically fixes the break in code? I have never "not" had a picture not be clickable. If my resizing is the thing that does it, that might be easier for those who don't like to mess with the HTML code. Worth a shot. Best, Curt