Sunday, January 4, 2009

The last of the Christmas cards...I promise...maybe

I just wanted to share some wonderful Christmas cards that I received from fellow bloggers, and the Enabler. I didn't get around to sending cards out to everyone for Christmas as I was crazy busy and not well organized! I have been busy working on some new stuff so I hope to post something other than this past's getting kinda old!
So, here they are:
My friend Julia Aston from Create with Me sent me this gorgeous wreath card. Oh it's so sparkly irl! The wreath is so beautiful and I love the color combination!
This beauty is from Curt O'Brien of Curt's the bunnies, sigh. He colored one gray in memoriam of my sweet Basil. There's so much texture and dimension. It's just gorgeous!
This baby is from the know who I mean...the one who makes you buy more stuff when you haven't used the other stuff she made you buy? And while you are ordering the more stuff she calls you to let you know about even more stuff you need or not...but you buy anyway? Yeah, her. You all have one or ARE one. Seriously, I think I can open my own webstore and sell my unused stock! But just look at how cute this is...Whipper Snapper...I love these colors and all the texture. It's very sparkly IRL and oh so gorgeous!
This adorable card is from one of my stamping heroes...Michele Boyer of Paper Cuts. Are you blushing Michele? I mean it...I was thrilled to get this card as I find Michele to be a fantastic artist and never-ending source of inspiration. It's simple and sweet and I love it!
This graphic and simple beauty is from Joan Jeffery over at AJ Creations. It's such a beautiful message and and I adore it!
Well tomorrow is back to work and school. I am sad not to be able to sleep late but glad to get back to a routine...especially the kids! They are like little wild men...been home too long! Yikes! Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays! Have a great night!


Rose Ann said...

Wonderful group of cards, Danielle!! Thanks for sharing!!

Cindy Haffner said...

These are so such wonderful and pretty cards.

creative gal said...

Lovely!! :o) Thanks for sharing some cool designs.

noble pig said...

They are so pretty. Such creativity out there...i wish i had an ounce of it.

Curt in Carmel said...

Happy New Year my friend! Hope all is well with you! I'm back to blogging after a brief hiatis. I'm so glad you enjoyed my card. BTW, that picture of your boys is amazing! What a great picture of your handsome kids! Hope you and the family are well! Best, Curt

Amy said...

I LOOOOVE the pink and brown snowman card! WOW! It is so stunningly beautiful!

missy said...

you do awesome work!!!! the are adorable!!!!!

Ila said...

These are all Gorgeous Xmas Raks!! TFS!!

LeAnne said...

OMW, these are all gorgeous! I have to admit, the pink & tan snowman is my favorite, from your "Enabler"!!! But they are all very special in their own right! Lucky you!