Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I've been tagged

Kristie over at Cupcake Martini and Ila at Artfully Ila both tagged me and it's my turn to list 7 random things about myself. You don't think that it should be too hard until you start to think about it...ok, here it goes:

1. I am not a big beach fan because I hate the sand sticking to me. I love the water, but then I have to walk back through the sand to get to my beach chair, because ew, I hate laying too close to the sand, and it sticks in between my toes and the back of my legs....Oh, I get the willies just thinking about it! But I love sitting in a comfy lounge chair under a big umbrella and feeling the breeze and smelling the salt air. But the sand, yuck!

2. I love the smell of pine needles. My grandfather bought a summer house in the Adirondacks when my mom was a teenager (it's is now my moms) and I have been traveling there several times a year my entire life. It feels like my spirit is renewed just by pulling into the property and opening the car door and that fresh woodsy pine scent wafting up my nose...mmm....

3. I'm a closet Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. My husband thinks I'm a nut and my mom prays for my soul....but I can't help myself. I don't watch much t.v. and this is the show I pick? Everyone needs escapism...

4. I love frogs! All kinds of frogs and toads. Okay, maybe not those pacman frogs...they eat mice! Yuck. I've had tree frogs for several years and currently I am the proud owner of a Leopard frog. He lives in my bathroom (in a tank of course!) where it's nice and humid. Picked him up as a tadpole last year so my 4 year old son could watch him transform into a frog. Well, he was tadpole number 4 that finally made the full transition (but my son thinks it's the same one!) and that's what's important, right?

5. I don't kill bugs. Not even really yucky ones. If there's one in my house I have to pick it up in a tissue or whatever I can find and put it outside. I get so mad when my dh smooshes them! Wait, I feed crickets to my frog...but that's food right? I mean I eat steak, but I wouldn't run over a cow in the road...that's like the same thing...close enough.

6. I just discovered that I like Peeps. Stale ones. I've always thought they were cute and I love all the bright colors but the though of eating sugar coated marshmallow just didn't appeal to me. But one day last week after a package had been opened for several days I thought I might try one since I hear so many people like them stale. Well, it was great! I have an open package on my desk at work now so they are nice a hard and chewy when I feel like a treat!

7. My dream vacation is Alaska. Not a cruise to Alaska, but to spend like two weeks there hiking and photographing the flora and fauna. I want to take a float plane to the remote islands and get up close and personal with wildlife. On the flip side there's like the hundreds of secluded exotic tropical islands where I could lounge all day on the beach (we're not in Alaska anymore...) and have my drinks served to me by a hunky man servant...just don't get any sand on me!

And I will share this photo...just to prove that I really do know how to take a picture! One day soon I will get a photo website up and running.

And this tags for you ladies!!




Catherine said...

Interesting stuff about you =)
But beach and sand goes together...LOL! you are too funny!

The Lucky Clucker said...

I love reading people's facts!! Too funny about not killing bugs.....well, sorry.....not funny....I have to kill them, then screech, then leave them under the shoe until hubby gets home to clean up the mess! Hey I just saw my name! Is that ME!!

Krystie Lee said...

Thanks for playing, loved reading your facts!! I'm with you on the Alaska trip. I'm so NOT with you on the peeps, bleeechhhh!!! NO! :)

Joan and Amy said...

OMG I love this's fantastic and he is so incredibly cute. I love him....I would love to see a photo website you create....I like to take photographs to, but I don't have any wee critters like this around to capture. Love it. (of course with a e-mail name like "froglady".........:) Joan

Rose Ann said...

Loved reading your post! Great picture of your frog too!! (I will have to show this to my son. He's a big fan!)

Linsey said...

thanks for the tag, Danielle! Your photography skills ROCK the house!!! This one is super fabulous! Get that website up so I can drool over all your photos in addition to your cards and projects! Hugs, and tfs some fun facts about yourself!

Ila said...

That is a fantastic photograph!! the way the background is blurred.

Thanks for playing!!'s fun learning a little more about each other.

I'm with you on the sand...We rent a cabin each year at a lake where the water is quite most of the cabin companies have their own outside pool for the cabin guests to use....I love sand or itch to worry about....just beautiful grass and greenery....poolside lounges ect..Fabulous!!